Roger Parkyn and Matt Perchard and co have generously allowed all of the Craglets guidebook to appear online.

I have been adding the guides over the last couple of days, and they are mostly up now.

Check them out at Climbing Guides.

The idea is that the guides will now be maintained (and hopefully enhanced) online. Some time in the future PDFs will also be available so you can easily print out the guides and take them to the crags.

There may also be on-demand printed guides (similar to The Mountain guide) published by . First off will probably be a pocket guide to Freycinet - Coles Bay.
Anyone with high resolution digital action or topo photos to contribute please send them to .

There is still quite a lot of editing and sorting out to do (including integrating the updates), but hopefully that won't be too painful.


Jon Nermut

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  1. Jon Nermut AUTHOR

    There are now PDFs of all the thesarvo guides ready for download at the Buy and Download Guides page.

    I'm still working on making them prettier and more user friendly, but I thought I'd put them up as there are now to make them available for summer.

    Feedback and new contributions are very welcome.

    Cheers, and merry xmas,


  2. Jon Nermut AUTHOR

    A couple of new crags have been added: Sandfly and the Western Arthurs, both mostly the work of Tony McKenny.

    There are a bunch of new topos going in as well, especially in the Freycinet section.

  3. Jon Nermut AUTHOR

    There is quite a bit more new content still being added to the online guides:

    New Crags

    New Topos

    Lots of new detailed Freycinet topos from Garn and Jon:

    I was planning to have the Hardcopy Guides of the Tasmanian Climbing Guide and the Freycinet guide out by now, but the combination of the new content and lack of time on my part has delayed it. Hopefully I can get a draft printed in the next couple of weeks, then be able to make the guide live on in maybe 6 weeks time. Meanwhile you can get the latest versions of the documents on the Buy and Download Guides page.

    Still looking for Freycinet photos - particularly action photos of the coastal cliffs.

  4. Jon Nermut AUTHOR

    FYI Adam Donoghue has updated the Tyndall Range guide, with new introductory text (including how to shit in the woods) and several new climb descriptions. Also a new map by Roger, and a new topo of the main face by Adam and myself.
    Check it out: Tyndall Range.