The climbing community is facing possible closure of Hillwood, unless the landowner can be appeased regarding his fears of litigation. `It's getting out of hand', was his words when I visited him last week. Twelve carloads a weekend, busloads of schoolkids on excursions during the week and commercial groups, plus blocking his gate, and fukwits bringing dogs in there....has him very worried about litigation and generally pissing him off. He suggested the easiest way would be to shut it down and rip the anchors out. Pretty popular for a place that Damo reckons half the routes suck donkey dicks.

I have built a good relationship of trust with the landowners over the past 20 years, and I am doing all I can to ensure access to the cliff. Because of this, please do not try to contact him and complicate matters. I think we'll get there but he needs to consult his solicitor first.

I have sent him a copy of the civil liability act of 2002, which makes it virtually impossible for anyone doing dangerous `at own risk' activities on private property, to sue a landowner. In addition, I have suggested his solicitor draw up a legal waiver, which every single climber would have to sign to gain access to Hillwood. Hopefully a one-off signing would be sufficient, and could be downloadable from my website and I could collect them for him. I have suggested that without the waiver there would be no admittance and they would officially be trespassers..a sign would be posted on the gate to that effect. It might not come to that, but be prepared for the possibiity of signing a waiver, and donating some cash to pay the farmer's legal fees. 

In the mean-time, don't block the gate, don't bring dogs, don't fall off and axe yourself, be on your best behaviour, don't fuk it up for everyone, and if your visiting for the first time, it is still a requirement to ring me on 0490 830 922. Any suggestions on how to deal with this matter? Thankyou


Was up the pipes yesterday (18th oct) and two vans were broken into at the climbers car park in the afternoon. One van had two windows smashed in and the other that was left open was totally ransacked. The thieves got off with wallets and a camera. Just thought to put this up on the site as a bit of a warning not to leave valuable belongings out in the open as these crim types might be back for more. 

Cheers and frothy climbing.

Hey rock goblins.
A few of us attempted to climb at Township creek near Avoca on the weekend gone (30 sep -01 oct). The Mt Foster rd from Avoca wass down due to forestry work. There was heaps of debris and logs strewn across the road a couple k's in from the gate and we couldn't get the car in. There was an active bit of forest being logged at this time and we chatted to a couple of forestry workers about the situation and they said the road would be closed for a couple of weeks. They were not very helpful (they seemed suspicious of us) and I cant say if the info about the road was legit. Not sure if anyones planning a climbing trip out there but just thought I'd put this up as a heads up so no one gets sandbagged like we did. 

Cheers, happy climbing.

Hey Tasmanian climbers,

My name is Dave, I'm 28 and in my final year of medical school at the University of Queensland. My climbing partner is Jorge, a 35 year-old Spanish carpenter from Grenada with the youthful exuberance of someone half his age. We're planning a road trip down to Tasmania in Jorge's 4x4 van from December 20 until about January 5th.

We are going to climb Pole Dancer at Cape Raoul, and thought it would be a bit safer and more fun if we could join a team of local climbers for the adventure. Jorge is an excellent climber who can lead up to grade 27-28 in several styles of climbing, and I have a decent amount of medical knowledge and experience, so this will be a safe, memorable, and enjoyable time for all involved. 

Please email me at if you would like to join us to climb Pole Dancer between 20/12/17 and 5/1/18. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

David Rosenberg

Drop me a text (0407 310 287) or email (douglascharlesbruceatgmaildotcom) if you're interested in either of the items below. They are priced for quick selling so you might want to make up your mind quickly.

The gloves are sizes Medium and Large. As a guide, for anyone who knows us: they fit Di and me. And, as you can see from the photo, they are brand new, still in the packet. We bought two  pairs each, thinking that the first pair might wear out quickly. As it turns out, they are remarkably durable. $40 each or $75 for the pair. They are $48.95 from Verx or $49.95 from Climbing Anchors - before paying postage. LARGE HAVE SOLD: MEDIUM LEFT.



The CU belay glasses have been worn half a dozen times at the most, and only indoors. They are in the case and, as you can see from the photos, as new. I want $100 for them. At Pinnacle Sports these would cost you $175 - if they had them in stock. Currently out of stock according to their website.



Mountain - the movie

Di and I were lucky enough to win tickets for the special preview screening of Mountain at The State cinema this evening. A review from the Guardian describes it as "a sublime rush of adrenaline and orchestral beauty from the director of Sherpa". You can watch a trailer here. We thought it was wonderful. Get along to see it if you can when it opens in a week or two.

Climbing partner.

Hi all,

i need to climb more frequently than my current climbing partner will commit, is there anyone out there solo or group that would be happy for me to join along or vice versa,  

I spent a large part of my youth climbing and after a lengthy spell I am back and keener than ever before. I have all my own gear for sport routes, and a traditional Trad rack (no friends) yet... I gym climb once a fortnight Friday night, and maybe any other night I feel keen which is most, and am trying to climb every weekend outdoors at any location!!, every other week I have my kids with me 7  and 10 yr olds and they are super keen also. Setting top ropes solo does become interesting... depending on location.

climbing 21/22/23 grade routes and can definitely push myself further as a seconder. 

I live in Richmond southern tas, so hit me up if your keen to have me along or want to join me in the gym for some training.


very keen for a trip to sand river next weekend 16th or 17th September I don't have facebook I deplore the heathen. But I have instagram djohnson756 and a phone 0438081020 


I did climb with two blokes at choss heaven (waterworks) a few weeks ago but we've never crossed paths again, maybe you boys will read this.

thanks all

Here's an article addressing the issue of bolts and rap stations on Ben Lomond, inspired by my recent visit to Fairhead in Northern Ireland. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi All,

The Climbers Club of Tasmania will have its Annual general meeting at 7.30pm on Wednesday 20th Sept 2017 in the large meeting room upstairs at the New Sydney Hotel. Agenda below. 

All are welcome and you can join (for free) on the night if you're not a member.

The main purpose of the meeting it to comply with the incorporation requirements where we must have an AGM, elect officers, submit an annual return etc. 

Send in nominations to Jon ( ) for the office holders election up to the meeting, and if it needs be, a vote will be held on the night.

Let us know if you have any specific agenda items to be added.

See you there!

The CCT Committee


Climbers Club of Tasmania
Annual General Meeting
Date: Wednesday 20th Sept 2017.
Time: 7.30pm 

Location: New Sydney, large room upstairs

Chairman:  Stu Scott

1. Welcome

2. Presidents Report 

3. Treasurers Report 

4. A resolution to seek an exemption from audit as per

(To do: we need to check if we still need to do this, the rules have changed)

5. Election of committee positions

 *   President
 *   Vice-President & Public Officer
 *   Secretary
 *   Treasurer

 *   3 Committee members

6. Other business - TBD


Climbing Training

Hey I am new to the Launceston area and I am looking for a climbing/bouldering wall to train on in these colder wet days. I have had a look at the indoor rock climbing facilities in Launceston but they seem more suitable for kids. Does anyone know of a wall to train on?


Elderslie Access


Looking at a trip to the Elderslie boulders. Guide mentions vague access issues, but not whether it's off limits.


I seem to recall that the (ominously named) Forbidden forest is out.

Does es anyone know where, if anywhere, is still okay to climb? Otherwise, I might just put a note on the guide saying: "don't go".




New boulder problems 2017

The Raven ** V7 highball.png

I'm not sure why boulderers don't update on new problems on thesarvo like roped climbers do?  The Raven is a distinctive and unusual problem following the double water grooves left of Funky Town Cave at Oatlands. I had the advantage of a rather well built spotter (Tom Anderson).


Sand River - a new crag

Dave H and I found a great new crag north of Buckland in April this year, that combines nice solid sandstone with a warm, sheltered, north facing aspect.

It's probably the best winter crag around hobart.

Since we found it a cast of dozens have been busily developing new routes.

There are 56 routes in the guide at the time of writing, including 14 projects. Pretty much everything is U bolted.

The crags are on Forestry/Crown land. There havent been any access problems so far.


  • Stay off the private land to the south, and the military range to the north
  • Leave the fixed and stashed gear as you found it
  • Respect projects
  • Don't do stupid shit!

Here's the guide, enjoy: Sand River



Here is a shorter version of the ice and mixed climbing I filmed at Stacks Bluff 2015. Conditions look pretty good now. I hope this gets some people psyched!