Am planning a trip to Tas over Xmas and considering either Frenchmans Cap or Federation Peak walk and, weather permitting, great adventure climbing.

Have read up on both - and both sound just fantastic - but don't have two months, only two and a bit weeks! Would be interested to hear what you forum dwellers would recommend or any useful info, anecdotes etc etc...

Cheers, Lou

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  1. Frenchmans for sure. Easier walk, heaps more established routes, and a hut, all mean you've got a much better chance of actually climbing something.

    1. Louise, I think john is probably right. You could always head for frenchmans for a week and see how you go. The frenchmans walk in is a solid days walk whereas you would have to move quick to get into federation in less than two days. The hut at frenchmans is quite comfortable and the lake is good for an end of day dip.

      Probably depends most on whether you are keener on the bushwalking or the climbing. The climbing at Federation is not as steep as Frenchmans and Federation probably has more to offer in the lower grades. (although surf slab at frenchmans is probably the best grade 12 slab in the state). Bear in mind that most bushwalkers consider Federation peak as one of the hardest walks in the state, the track in accross the plains and up moss ridge is pretty rough.

      1. Thanks for both replies! Very helpful as I thought both walk ins were similar in duration. Seems Frenchmans is the go... Cheers, Lou