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Free kids climbing shoes

We have lots of extra kid-size shoes, up to about size 7 adult, that do not fit anyone around here anymore.  Free pickup in Cremorne, or could drop off at gym.  Small harness, too, fits ~8 year old.

Also have some Telemark T2 boots (green ones) if anyone teleskis–size US 10.5 (too small for me these days)–maybe trade for something.



Tasmanian Tramps

There is some true gold in the Tasmanian Tramp magazines.  Does anyone know if these digitised anywhere?   Great stuff!  (Is there a Tasmanian climbing library that has a set of these?)


found gear at waterworks q

hi i found a little red bag with some shoes and chalk in at waterworks today. happy to return to owner. cheers

Was out looking for boulders today out the back of Sand River (didn't find much), but did spot this sick looking orange wall that I'm unlikely to develop so I thought I would record it's location for posterity.

If Forestry gave out the key to the gate (they don't - I've previously asked - they say they won't because you can get into the army range from this road), this would only be a ~300m walk from the road, but instead it's ~5km from the gate, with a decent bit of uphill at the start. Maybe 25 minutes on an e-bike. Or even better a motor bike.

There is more rock in this valley, but didn't spot anything anywhere near as good. Upstream there is grey rock near the creek (canyon) but it's a bit vegetated. You can see some more orange stuff at the mouth of the valley just to the south of Justin's place on the way out from Sand River, but it's (probably) on private land. But if anyone develops this it would be definitely worth exploring downstream to the boundary of the public land.

Sand River CAUTION

There were two men (and a dog) checking out the cars parked by the road at Sand River yesterday (22nd July) - they drove off in a van when waved to as we approached. Maybe all very innocent but... Take valuables with you I guess. 

I've been enjoying the Lowdina renaisassance lately, working through a full spectrum of easy and moderate routes. I'm curios about Expiry (13) on Lumbar cruncher buttress. In the topo photo which can't be very old at all there is a large chockstone visible in the offwidth. This was missing when we climbed the route the result being its seems pretty arduous for the grade.

Did somebody make the world a safer place or did it fall out by its own volition?

Found a polarfleece at the top of the sandstone cliffs in Waterworks Reserve Mon 11th July.

If it's yours let me know colour and brand and how to get it back to you.

Cheers, Tim

Fruey Working Bee

Hi everyone, 

Crag Care is running a working bee at Fruehauf on the 17th of July from 9-12 noon with the Hobart City Council Bushcare team. The council has asked that we close the cliff during that time! But it'll be back open straight after the working bee has finished.

Come along! It should be a nice morning of planting, weeding, chatting and cake. More details here:


A recent severe wind related weather event has resulted in multiple trees falling across the track which accesses Mt Roland cliffs.  Of concern, is that there are many "widow maker" branches hanging, waiting for an unsuspecting person to walk underneath.  There is a very high risk of one of these branches falling without notice.  It is recommended to avoid the area for a couple of months to allow the forces of gravity and changing winds to do their work in bringing some of these branches down to earth.  Some track clearing with a chainsaw has commenced - more will be done when time permits.

See the source image

I've not been to the Knuckle before, so anyone with some experience there would be greatly appreciated. I am wondering if it might be in condition by Monday 13th. 


I've been looking at the Stacks Bluff forecast; not sure if there is a more suitable one. Looks like all the precipitation leading up to Monday is probably snow, rather than rain, which on a South facing slope that is mostly water ice, I wonder if this will not work well. There are strong southerly winds all week, however they seem to improve somewhat by Monday. (Willy weather less optimistic about how cold it is going to be)


Forgot my shoes at Blackwood Rocks last Saturday 19 March at Blackwood Rocks at McGifford's Edge (right under Aperitif) if anyone has found them please please let me know. 

Shoes found!

Hi all

I found a watch at lassies wall on Sunday. If it is yours let us know and 

I can post it to you or I can drop it off at the gym.

thanks Garry

TheSarvo appears to be lacking in a guide for (Northern) Badgers beyond a mere mention in Other Northern Crags. TheCrag has a list of climbs in the area but a bit short on detailed beta for which crag is which.

I don't have access to my copy of Climb Northern Tas so I don't know what's in there or how up-to-date that is.


Anyone on here with the goss for the area and happy for me to pick their brains?? GPS coords of which wall is where from mostly.




Hi all, it's with great sadness that I have to say I seem to have lost a rope on the pipes. Annoyingly it's hard for me to pin down where and when. Likely in the last 3 weeks and around heat is most likely or perhaps the pinnacle Road car park.

Keen to know if one has been found. Black singing rock rope bag - simple back pack style and a 60m bicolour TC pro rope, green.

Hopefully a resolution to the mystery is to be found.

Safe climbing!


Crag Care is running an erosion control working bee at Flange Buttress on the Organ Pipes this Sunday 20th of Feb. As a result, Hobart City Council (who are supervising the working bee) has requested that Flange Buttress, from Fiddlesticks to The Tower of Power (including Neon God, After Midnight and Pleasant Screams and all the climbs between) be closed to climbing from 10am-3pm. This will keep climbers and ropes out of the worksite.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused, the works will help manage erosion cause by ropes and foot traffic at the site, so benefiting the universe in the long term.
Have fun out there!
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