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There is a bolted route here (grade 15 with variant 19 and is 3 pitches) just wondering what the route was like?

Is there any other routes there?

I was thinking of heading there on weekend but concerned about possible seepage from the rock at this time of year and just generally wondering if it is worth doing.

Appreciate hearing from anyone who has done the route.


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  1. Gary,
    the waterfall routes are worth doing, quite pleasant bolt protected (smooth) slab climbing and a bit of a novelty. I don't think the water fall sees much water so is probably dry, the 15 is a bit further from the flow so less likely to be dank. The short first pitches might be damp but you wouldn't be missing much if you just did the top two. The routes only have one significant pitch in any case (second pitch).

    The 15 and 19 are the only routes and the cliff is quite narrow so not alot of scope for more I think.


  2. Here's a pic I found, from Eloise B I think: