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Dave, How about topos and photos of all those routes you and friends did on the way to the end of Cape Raoul? Shells of Rheban etc.The descriptions would be a lot easier to follow.

Kim and I tried a big line there years ago and backed off because of loose rock, lack of gear and difficulty.We didn't know where you had been at that stage.


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  1. Hi Phil

    yep, i've been thinking of doing that for a while. The routes are suffficiently spread out that its a bit tricky to take photos/ make topos in a way that doesn't end up being confusing cos there are a squillion images... if that makes sense. If u think u might be looking at The Shells of Rheban, u probably are. Its the crack everybody picks out when they first look across the valley.

    I've got a plan, i just need to spend a bit less time having fun and causing trouble elsewhere on this forum...



    1. Also i lack a bit of confidence putting lines on the images i do have as for a couple of the more wandery routes... i'm not quite sure where we went,  so long since i did some of those routes. I'll do my best.