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I was setting up a toprope on Seize The Day when a frothing mad guy on the cliff top hurled 2 large rocks at me, and screaming to get off his private property. The rocks landed within a couple of metres and could have knocked me off the cliff. When I protested that the cliff was part of the Trevallyn reserve, he then threatened to get a baseball bat and beat me up, or at least smash my car up. I had approached the cliff along the top from the car park, a common practice when setting up top-ropes or rapping in. I didn't jump the fence onto the land (a burnt out house with a yard extending to the cliff edge), but sidled through the bush to gain the edge of the cliff bordering the property. This lunatic was in his early 20's, claiming he was the guardian of the property and that vandals had been entering the old house. I said climbers have been coming here for 40 years, and he reckons we were all trespassing. I called the cops and they went to the house next door where this bloke and some other youths were living. The rock thrower had disappeared, but his flatmate reckons his uncle owned the property. Though I am careful not to walk on the land, there is no fence bordering the cliff edge, so the distinction between the property boundary is undefined. I am sure the cliff edge is part of public land, but not according to Psycho-man. I won't be accessing the top this way again, but beware that even topping out on a climb you could be faced with a crazed rock thrower hurling boulders at you.

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