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You raise a very good point Gerry "When people say `the majority of climbers' want the bolts back - who are this majority?"

I've created an online poll. Lets see what the outcome is.

Vote Now Should Ben Lomond have abseil bolts?

Gerry - email/facebook/write who ever you know

Simon - Chockstone the shit out of this.

This was prompted in response to Gerry's comment

As for abseil bolts on the Ben - they are gone forever and I'll go to the top of the Flutes when I'm 100 years old in a wheelchair and still chop any bolts that some cockhead has put in. Its all about convenience. They say they want to protect the gullies but really they are lazy. If you want to rap in, set up fixed line from the top off natural gear. When people say `the majority of climbers' want the bolts back - who are this majority? Just a handful of Hobart boys who say they speak for the majority? How arrogant. What about Bob McMahon, Mick Ling, Neale Smith, Simon Parsons, John fantini, Doug Fife, Nick Hancock, pete Steane, Bruce Cameron, John Smart etc who all agreed with me and Doug Fife choppng the rap stations. Anyone thought that we could be the majority?

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  1. Jed, the majority of climbers don't read this forum, so your online poll will of course be favored by the cockheads.

    1. That would include you then. 

  2. Jed Parkes AUTHOR

    Could an add in the Launceston/Hobart news paper? I'm open to suggestions? Put a little note up in the Climbers hut at Ben?

  3. It's on Chockstone which is read by a majority of climbers.

  4. Hardy har har har. Nudge nudge, wink wink. The poll currently shows 55 for and 13 against. So maybe you're not in the majority, Gerry old son. But who cares? As you say, when you are 100 - if you live that long - and in a wheelchair (helicopter access?!!!?) you'll (take it upon yourself) to chop any abseil bolts that might have been place in the next 54 or so years. Still waiting for you to chop out Fantini's fixed pro, though, to return the Ben to its pristine, Dreamtime condition. Oh, yeah. Have you got round to burning down the ski village and dismantling Carr Villa, and taking away all of the climbers hut you and Bob built?  Chuckle, chuckle.

  5. In a similar online poll. 99% of climbers voted for free chocalate vending machines at all crags.

    1. I seem to remember a ledge on Step Tier providing bags of natural confectionery company jelly dinosaurs!

      1. I wish thesarvo had a 'like' button. But since it doesn't I'll just have to say I appreciate DJ's point.

        1. There is a like button at the bottom of the screen. Hard to do for individual comments though

  6. Jed Parkes AUTHOR

    Poll just hit 100 votes, outcome seems pretty clear to me.