Welcome to the kunanyi - Mount Wellington climbing guide.

This online guide contains the full content of the printed version of the guide, in terms of climb descriptions and topos. The printed version is generated from this content. You are free to print out and use the guide for your own climbing purposes, however any reproduction in another publication requires the permission of the authors.

This guide contains information on all climbing areas on the mountain and routes have been grouped by crag. The Organ Pipes section lists all the climbs from Broken Buttress at the LH end of the Pipes to those at RH end in the Far North . Lost World, Sphinx Rock, Neika and other crags not on the Pipes are listed separately in sections of their own.

The current state of the guide is the product of intensive work by Tony McKenny, Al Adams, Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut, and a host of other contributors. The work to improve the quality of the information is ongoing. In 2011 the editors decided to switch the descriptions in the Organ Pipes section around to read L to R after much feedback from climbers.

The information is provided with no warranty to its accuracy, some routes have been verified others have not. Maps and topos have been included to assist location of climbs and should be used in conjunction with the written descriptions.

We welcome Feedback and contributions of new routes and topos. The web version of the guide will be kept as up to date as possible. We will issue a new printed version every 6 months or so, or as the amount of new content warrants. If you have the printed version of the guide, you can find out what's changed on the Updates page.


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