There are five crags on South Arm, which is directly south east from Hobart. Unfortunately Clifton and the Rookeries are both are on private property and access is restricted. Lark's edge has no access problems, but its a small crag and only just worth the half hour walk to get there while Goats Bluff (included in Other Southern Crags) is really just choss and included here for the history! More recently, Arm End, a small bolted dolerite cliff has been developed at Gellibrand Point Nature Recreation Area at Opossum Bay.


South Arm can be reached by driving to Sorell and then to Lauderdale. Total driving time to any of the crags should be less than half an hour from Hobart. Goats Bluff is passed on the way to South Arm while the Clifton crags are on the headland to the south of Clifton beach. Lark's Edge is around the coast north of Cape Deslacs, walk from the north end of Clifton beach. (See Craglets for more details.) The Rookeries are on Cape Contrariety, further south than Clifton. Arm End is reached by driving through South Arm, then Opossum Bay and parking at the end of the road at Arm End/Gellibrand Point Nature Recreation Area.


Short dolerite sea cliffs.


Arm End7 climbs
Clifton31 climbs
Larks Edge35 climbs
South Arm Gallery
The Rookeries56 climbs


Carnap, 17, Xenakis, 15, Nexter, 21

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