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  1. 50.Hand Jive8m18

    This is really on the lower cliff, and should be moved to appear immediately after

    ★ 40.CEMC


    1. Think it is sorted now, Dave, and Cascade Crack re-edited as well. Topo needs re-paginating though.

  2. ★ 13.Frostbite's for Wusses

    I climbed this on a top rope around 1990, probably the same time as Discipline. Didn't lead it as it would have required fiddling around with pre-placed pro which wasn't really our approach.

  3. It was called ‘Frostbite for Wusses’ because the hands were a bit cold to start with, it was mid-winter, July.

    Not cold feet, as the description suggests, not sure what that comment is hinting at, there was just some snow on the ground.

    The pre placed gear (1 or 2 very dodgy wires) would have popped if Kim (then only 17yrs old) had fallen,

    so effectively a kind of solo (grade 20) lead really.


  4. Climbed Centaur today, big lose block underneath the crack before the roof, havent climbed it in about a year so cant remember if it was there then but it felt like it would go ground/belayer-wards very quickly if yanked on. 
    Climb safe.