1. Bad Habits should get a downgrade in my opinion to maybe 21. Going from the last bolt to the anchor is not a 23 problem to me. Or I'm doing it wrong and I should choose crappier holds and a shittier sequence.

    That said I also think that it should get a few stars as it's a beautiful little route with a nice little problem at the end

    1. I think everything at Fruehauf feels different for every person.

      Need to keep the grades consistent between the climbs

      Bad Habits is harder than General Benefit (22) and Plastic Erection (21) so it gets 23

      1. Fair enough to keep it consistent.  (smile) 

        You're right about the general feel of every different person.

        I still believe Bad Habits should get stars! People should be keen to go and climb it because it's beautiful. Also probably something where everybody feels different.... Going to start an online petition (smile)

  2. Typo in my last message. Grades are OK as is i think, just a guide anyway. Anaphalaxis feels like 23 to some people and 25 to others but overall i think everything sits about right compared to the other routes around it.