Blog from July, 2022

Sand River CAUTION

There were two men (and a dog) checking out the cars parked by the road at Sand River yesterday (22nd July) - they drove off in a van when waved to as we approached. Maybe all very innocent but... Take valuables with you I guess. 

I've been enjoying the Lowdina renaisassance lately, working through a full spectrum of easy and moderate routes. I'm curios about Expiry (13) on Lumbar cruncher buttress. In the topo photo which can't be very old at all there is a large chockstone visible in the offwidth. This was missing when we climbed the route the result being its seems pretty arduous for the grade.

Did somebody make the world a safer place or did it fall out by its own volition?

Found a polarfleece at the top of the sandstone cliffs in Waterworks Reserve Mon 11th July.

If it's yours let me know colour and brand and how to get it back to you.

Cheers, Tim

Fruey Working Bee

Hi everyone, 

Crag Care is running a working bee at Fruehauf on the 17th of July from 9-12 noon with the Hobart City Council Bushcare team. The council has asked that we close the cliff during that time! But it'll be back open straight after the working bee has finished.

Come along! It should be a nice morning of planting, weeding, chatting and cake. More details here:


A recent severe wind related weather event has resulted in multiple trees falling across the track which accesses Mt Roland cliffs.  Of concern, is that there are many "widow maker" branches hanging, waiting for an unsuspecting person to walk underneath.  There is a very high risk of one of these branches falling without notice.  It is recommended to avoid the area for a couple of months to allow the forces of gravity and changing winds to do their work in bringing some of these branches down to earth.  Some track clearing with a chainsaw has commenced - more will be done when time permits.

See the source image