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Mt Brown guide now online

Roger Parkyn has allowed the Mt Brown guide from Craglets to be placed online - it is now available here: Mount Brown.

Crack Heads!

Well this is a little of topic but. why you are checking to see if the ben is going to be bolted or not. i thought i would share a little adventure Ben Cossey and My self did a couple of weeks ago. we attacked Passport To Insanity. was a very fun day out and look forward to heading back. i took 10 small clips during the day and you can check the first one out at :
hope you enjoy.
be a bit sad if this one got bolted!!
If in doubt run it out!!!! (easy said then done!!)
Jake Bresnehan

Lake Leake (Lost Falls)

There is a bolted route here (grade 15 with variant 19 and is 3 pitches) just wondering what the route was like?

Is there any other routes there?

I was thinking of heading there on weekend but concerned about possible seepage from the rock at this time of year and just generally wondering if it is worth doing.

Appreciate hearing from anyone who has done the route.


Hi All, which is the best airport to visit Tasminia?