Trying to find out if there is any sports climbing routes anywhere on Maria island? if so where and what sort of grades are we talking?

Love some feedback

Cheers Jono

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  1. Never heard of any, but there's dolerite up on Bishop & Clerk, chossy limestone on the north coast, chossy sandstone at the painted cliffs, and granite on the east coast.

  2. Well I stole this image from a friend on FB. This is the south coast of Maria. Looks like Freycinet. If the swell is good (like on the picture), it does not look that bad in terms of rock landing. Gonna think about a winter adventure over there with the Kayak soon. I'd like to see other pictures if somebody has some. 
    Looking at google maps, the quantity of granite looks huge ! 

  3. Bill & Patrice Baxter have done some stuff on the Maria granite I think. no idea how much

  4. I’ve paddled past a couple of times and had a close look. sorry no photos. There are some very good pieces of rock out there up 70m - somewhat scattered about a 3-4 km stretch of coast. Rock landing ideal option if swells low enough, but also a bay (+ creek) or protected shelf or two amongst the best cliffs where you could land even in moderate swells (1-2m). I would have thought adventure trad climbing would be the obvious choice - some great lines! hv fun.

    1. There are a number of climbs I believe on Maria, in that area. Haven't got new route details but have seen a video of them (Dancing with Maria)  plus lots of photos.  Will email round  and see if I can get more info on the actual climbs if you want. May take some time....

  5. Email from Bill Baxter to share:

    "From reading the discussions on the granite crags of South Maria, it seems I know something about it.

    What I do know, is that I have often wondered; is it possible that there might be a remote and hard to get to part of Tasmania that has crags and climbs which will go unrecorded, unnamed, unquantified, unknown? Where every climb is always a first ascent?

    I think if such a place should be, then this South Maria Island granite could be that place. 

    So..... You should go. Stand on the wave platform and look up. Pick your line and climb it. It’s your first ascent. At day’s end go home, and leave the cliffs to the seabirds and the odd resting seal and don’t tell anybody where you’ve been.

    And please, please, leave the drills at home.



    1. Thanks a lot Tony (and Bill), really appreciate. I'm happy with the idea , and will definitely go as soon as i can.

      PS: don't  worry with the drill, i can barely do a hole in bricks without getting pumped !