I'll be upgrading the servers that thesarvo runs on over the next week, which is long overdue.

There will be some outages and probably some temporarily busted stuff.

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  1. Jon Nermut AUTHOR

    Ended up having to build a whole new server, which is what you're seeing now.

    There is probably busted stuff all over the place, I'll try and clean it up over the next few days.

  2. Jon Nermut AUTHOR

    The main problems I know about at the moment:

    1. Page diffs are disabled at the moment 
    2. Topos aren't drawing due to some conflicting javascript
    1. Jon Nermut AUTHOR

      Finally fixed the topos this afternoon

  3. Sounds like a massive load of work, Jon. Is there any assistance that we can provide?

  4. Couple things I've noticed to log:

    • When clicking to edit a section of the guide it spits you straight back to the top of the page
    • Pop-out route descriptions on the topo legend no longer appear when clicking on them

    Happy to provide any assistance where I can Jon - following on from Al's call.

    1. Jon Nermut AUTHOR

      Thanks, I'll look into those

      Also, its not sending emails at the moment