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  <header idwalk="6620 minutes" namesun="RossMid Quoinafternoon onwards" autonumberrock="falseDolerite" campingacknowledgement="" intro="" history="" access="Ross Quoin is located 25km south east of Ross. Take the Tooms Lake road from Ross for 18km then turn left on Honeysuckle Road for 7km. You will pass the obvious cliff on the left after 5km, but continue on to park near a locked gate at 7km. Head up and left following a 4WD track for 10-15 minutes until below the cliffs. Head up right of the overhanging lower cliff to the main cliff." historycamping="" introautonumber="false" acknowledgementname=""Ross rock=Quoin"Dolerite" sunid="Mid afternoon onwards" walk="20 minutes"66"/>
  <text id="76" class="heading3">The Ivory Tower</text>
  <text classid="text68" idclass="68text">The central and highest buttress of the main cliff is a slightly overhanging 35m face split by a ledge at 15 m, that tapers to nothing on the left side.</text>
  <climb idname="69"The stars="***" extraNothing" id="69" number="" length="35m" grade="25" fa="Nick Hancock &amp; Ken Palmer  Mar 2013" namegrade="The25" Nothing"length="35m" number="" extra="" stars="***">Start just round to the left of the main face of the Ivory Tower. Climb past 8 U bolts to a small ledge below a blank corner, follow this past 6 more U bolts, to a very thin finish, the Nothing!</climb>
  <climb idname="70The Neverending Story" starsid="***70" extrafa="Nick Hancock  Jan 2016" numbergrade="27" length="35m" gradenumber="27" faextra="Nick Hancock  Jan 2016" namestars="The Neverending Story***">Start on the left side of the main face and climb a thin seam up, then right, to pass the small roof at the left end of the ledge that cuts across the cliff. Ascend a nice groove to increasingly desperate climbing on the lovely headwall, 17 U bolts.</climb>
  <climb idname="71The Swamps of Sadness" starsid="***71" extrafa="Nick Hancock  Dec 2016" numbergrade="26" length="35m" gradenumber="26" faextra="Nick Hancock  Dec 2016" namestars="The Swamps of Sadness***">Climb a pumpy wall to the ledge, then continue up a thin groove to very technical moves in the very narrow groove above. 14 U bolts.</climb>
  <text id="77" class="heading3">The Black Hole</text>
  <text classid="text72" idclass="72text">This is the lower cliff that is passed to the right of on the way to the Ivory Tower. It is most easily approached by circling round above it from the right, but is also approachable from the left.</text>
  <climb idname="73Event Horizon" starsid="**73" extrafa="Nick Hancock  Nov 2012" numbergrade="24" length="20m" gradenumber="24" faextra="Nick Hancock  Nov 2012" namestars="Event Horizon**">Start on the right side of the severely overhanging face. Climb up leftwards via 7 bolts through several stepped bulges to a lower off.</climb>
  <climb idname="74Zero Gravity" starsid="**74" extrafa="Ken Palmer  Mar 2013" numbergrade="27" length="15m" gradenumber="27" faextra="Ken Palmer  Mar 2013" namestars="Zero Gravity**">Start up Event Horizon but continue straight up through a very steep groove. From a cramped rest swing out madly over the hard final roof. 7 bolts to a lower off.</climb>
  <climb idname="75The Wormhole" starsid="**75" extrafa="Nick Hancock &amp; Kim Ladiges  Mar 2013" numbergrade="20" length="15m" gradenumber="20" faextra="Nick Hancock &amp; Kim Ladiges" namestars="The Wormhole**">On the right side of the lower cliff, thrutch out across the big horizontal yellow roof crack using large cams up to #6 for protection.</climb>