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  1. This guide has been removed by the management of this property. Two people have already been reported for trespassing while following this guide. Climbing on this private property is strictly forbidden due to the Aboriginal cultural heritage of the rock formation and the potential impact on owners from trespassing climbers injuring themselves. Site management (me) live on site and will take action against anyone entering the property to climb The Quoin.

  2. Hi there,

    I'm sure the climbers who ventured onto the covenant land were not aware of the change in access or the Aboriginal Heritage.  For the purposes of historical referencing for the State's climbing route archives, it may be preferred that the guide is reinstated and instead amended to reflect that climbing on the cliff is now closed.  Thesarvo admin and the climbing community may have other thoughts on this.  I'm sure I speak on behalf of the majority of the climbing community that we wish to respect Aboriginal heritage values and access throughout private land.


    1. The climbers who installed ~45 U bolts without the owners permission in 2013 and then publicised it via this site have singlehandedly assured there is no good will available to the wider climbing community.  I appreciate the desire to retain historical information on the internet, but the detailed instructions of trespassing onto private land is unacceptable. The next car I find parked at the instructed spot gets tractor-dragged out of the property without warning.


      As a conservationist I'm disgusted to discover this took place.