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  1. Hi Eli,

    it is enlightening for me to see your photos and descriptions. We bouldered at Cosy Corner and surrounds as a family (Peter, Marcel and me) a few times back in 1987/88 - we had a really good time all round with the swimming, beach life etc. It was our fav beach holiday spot, I suspect the area may have become more populated/developed since then - I've been meaning to go back and check it out again. I was only 12-13 years so there was considerable uncertainty in my mind about how good the place really was and how much more potential it had.  I would think you have covered almost all the stuff we did at Cosy Corner, plus more.  

    I remember trying "The Thumb"; it felt impossible to be honest! Marcel had recently broken his back after a ground fall and had to wear a full thoracic brace which made for some bizarre photos (along with the terrible garish fashion accessories we donned in those days). Hamish