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  1. We climbed a route on Mt Amos in 1975, but I don't know where it fits in with the listed crags and climbs.  Here's the description:

    Thrombosis                       90m       16

    'On the north-west buttress of Mt Amos', about 30m right of a beautiful wall capped by a chimney. A clean-cut, blind corner on the left of a slab. It might be harder than 16.

    1. 35m. Delicately up the unprotected corner for 12m, then slabs and easy rock to bushes at the bottom of a thin chimney.

    2. 25m. (crux) (a line born of desperation, there may be a better way). Climb the first groove right of the chimney until a groove at foot level leads down to the right. Balance along it to the next upward groove. Straight up to the bushy ledge.

    3. 30m. Traverse 12m right along the ledge, then pleasantly to the top.

    Ian Brown, Chris Fergusson, Jan. 1975