I have rang the number in the Climb Tasmania guide and there has been no response. I was wondering how to go about getting permission to use the Crag if there is an updated number or has climbing stopped here altogether? 


Mark Heighton. 

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  1. any update on any response to the closure?  


  2. I see all routes absent from Thesarvo except one area:  Hillwood

    Any reason for this?  Is the "Far Side" off the private land, perhaps?



  3. As far as I know there is no access to Hillwood at present until Gerry has confirmed otherwise with the land owner. Please climb somewhere else for now to avoid making this any worse.

    1. Closed as of Feb this year sadly 

  4. Any update on Hillwood access?

  5. Hi Al, unfortunately not yet. The local council is still looking at securing the lease of the land and will proceed with local works for a carpark once that is done.

    However, we originally were informed about this in late 2020/early 2021 with it 'only being months away'. No updates since sometime in 2022, but the plan seems to not have changed just yet.