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  1. This may have already been explored, but it's worth asking just in case. Has anyone tried accessing these boulders from the other end of the road (i.e. coming in from the the Weakhold side)? If you were to continue on passed the weakhold the road will dump you out on Church Road after only a few km... I just don't know if there is a gate on that side too is all. Would be worth a look if nobody has done so already, I just don't particularly want to drive down from launceston to do it.

    1. Not lately, but pretty sure this has been gated with nasty signs in the past, eg see


  2. About 10 months ago or even a year ago or so, I tried driving up the back, not actually sure whether I drove up Church Rd or some other road in that area, but anyways, I was trying to find a way up the back to get to handsomes.

    Got to a couple of signs that said all sorts of things from 'Private Land' to 'YOU ARE UNDER VIDEO SURVEILLANCE' in large letters written on a piece of plywood nailed to a tree.

    Kept driving, and after quite some time, which I think can't have been too far away from the top paddock above the stronghold (at least google maps said I was quite close), I got to a block of private land with a house and a shed either side of the dirt track. (literally 1m either side of the track)

    Got told by some strange looking dude who seemed to jump out of a bush to 'Better Turn Around Mate'....and yeah, I did....

    Have since tried a couple of other ways, but still, the handsomes cave road seems to be the best one.