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This was attempted in February of 2015.  Conditions were fair: initially low wind, but breezy after a while; fairly low swell initially, heading toward warm from a cold morning, but never quite getting there.  Traversing on the south edge of Deep Glen Bay was superb.  No, better than superb, with some of the finest quality rock in Tasmania, vertical and featured and above very deep and clear water (10m to 30m).  Very little swimming is required for the initial sections, aside from several large caves (some of which have waterfalls).  Once on the east facing section of coast, the cave systems continue.  The rock quality continues to be at exceptional quality, though some of it is slabby.  

Shivering had started at 30 minutes.  After around 2 hours of traversing we had passed many large caves in overcast, cool and increasingly breezy conditions.  Cold had set in, and the swell was causing problems, with several water exits requiring multiple efforts and uncontrolled tumbling off shelves.  Weakened and cold, with more than half of the traverse remaining, and the next swim showing all the signs of being as bad as the previous ones, we decided to bail.  The escape involved around 2 hours of bush bashing through Tasmania's best efforts at approximating jungle.

*A successful attempt was made on January of 2020 by Dylan Tubaro, Danny Wade & Alex Wylie. 
brief trip report - 
Slow start, jogging at first and then walking down the beautiful forest to deep glen bay, filled up our water bottles at the river and started traversing above the VERY deep water on superb granite, minimal swimming required at the start then the zawns/caves become larger requiring a fair few large swims, even a 12m high plunge into the water. Then at around half way the granite ends and the cliff has a lot less vertical sections & so progress is faster. Some very serious swims are required to pass large dark caverns, one in particular requires you to swim some distance from the cliff to avoid being sucked inside. There are some sections of climbing but it’s mostly rock hopping ,scaling the kelp becomes harder & harder. Arriving at eaglehawk neck was a very rewarding moment and so were the hot chips moments later.

Compared to the section from chasm creek to deep glen it’s not as good, it’s physically easier but feels more serious and committing. but still a truly amazing tassie adventure 

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