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Region : Tasman peninsula
Length: medium
Difficulty: medium
Climbing quality: medium
One star

The descent to the coast is rewarded with one of most beautiful amphitheaters on the peninsula. With due care scramble down the right side of the massive gully at what is labeled ‘pond’ on the cape raoul topo. Swimming from this polished rocky beach even in perfect conditions requires commitment (as it looks irreversible to return onto the rocks safely once you’re in the water)
The traversing isn’t technical although there are a few heady swims in deep water to begin. There are sea arches to swim through, one in particular becomes very narrow and exhilarating. The dolerite at about 1/3rds length turns to psychedelic  layered sandstone, geologic banter, endless boulder hopping and labyrinth exploring.
The last quarter involves extensive swims in 2 or so metres of kelp filled water, a much better option to being in the wave zone near undercut cliffs. 
7 leisurely hours return from the start of Cape Raoul track (30 odd minutes of those were spent building the courage at the first swim)

9th feb 22’ 
Danny Wade 
wet-suit approach shoes (unsupported)

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