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Hi Crew. here is the text from a CCT macebook post i did a couple of days ago.... might be a few climbers smart enough to stay away from social media but can't resist the hype and frenzy that is this forum...
Just a reminder that very close to North Ridge at Sand River there is a Wedgie nest. We were there two days ago and some eagles flew into the nest for a bit. This can happen anytime but it could also hint they may be considering using the site in the coming breeding season.
Regardless July onwards is the time to stay right away from this area so plan to go there in the next 10 days. It is a great area with some excellent moderate routes. Thanks  (smile) (big grin)

In addition:
In case anyone is wondering , this is unlikely to affect our use of other crags at Sand River. Keep in mind though that the far left of Panopticon area has been used by the sensational sky scythes, the Peregrine Falcons the last couple of seasons and that is likely to also be an area to keeeep out of in the months to come . Hopefully the usual suspects may give us an update on burds there in due course...
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