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Hi all,

Last couple months I've been developing a new crag at Fortescue Bay (Canoe Bay) with some crew.  It's now posted under the Fortescue Bay guide.  Trad climbing with some mixed routes and an easy approach.  A great summer weekend option if you're camping down there, hopefully also provides good winter climbing too.  Please enjoy.


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  1. Great, easy access, moderate trad./mixed in a classic location. A busy time by the look of it , 35 climbs in a very short period. Surprising what has been hidden so close to civilisation. Re ‘time-bombs and loose rock removed,’ we had a football-sized boulder off the top of Fortescue Bay crag once, missing the belayer by a couple of metres but chopping the sheath. So, take care.

    1. The top down approach to cleaning whilst unpleasant was definitely warranted.  A light tap on a fridge sized rock sent it hurtling down.  It's pretty safe now thankfully!  And no awful top-outs into scrub.

  2. C'est Tasman Peninsular rock!