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In the backcountry at Burstall Slabs in the Canadian Rockies

If you've ever done any sport climbing in British Columbia at Skaha Bluffs or across the border in Alberta, chances are that you've either climbed a route that Jon built, or used a guide book that he authored or contributed to significantly. Jon visited Tasmania several times and absolutely loved it here - especially being at Freycinet. One of my greatest climbing memories is of the day that Jon, Di and I did hiked over to Flowstone Wall and did Arocknaphobia together. Another day high on the list is when Jon took us to Burstall Slabs, which - like Flowstone - is a place where you've got to hike for at least a couple of hours for your reward. Back in the day when Jon and his mates were developing Burstall they used to leave a gear stash at the crag. They'd make an early exit from Calgary, drive to the road head and jump on their fully rigid mountain bikes  then ride to the crag. 

If you met Jon or are curious to learn more you might appreciate this tribute to him in Gripped Magazine:

Jon and Di scoping Burstall Slabs from the approach



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