Hi All,

due to the recent heavy rains, vehicle access along the beach at Cloudy Bay to Cloudy Corner is not at present allowed, or indeed, viable.The gravel approach to the concrete ramp is deeply trenched. Still, camping at Cloudy Corner is permitted, and it is a nice 30 minute walk, or 15 minute cycle, to get there.

Also, just notifying  a nice little new area called Shoreline has been opened up on the side of Beaufort Bay.


Ben Maddison


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  1. Nice.  Thanks Ben.  Any idea how long it usually takes for the sand to fill back in there?

  2. Ben Maddison AUTHOR

    well sand can fill in pretty quickly - overnight. The beach is actually driveable atm, it is the access onto and off the ramp to the road that is the problem. Any idea how long it usually takes for these things to get fixed??? Anybody's guess, Id say. I'll keep youse posted.

  3. Ben Maddison AUTHOR

    Hi, just to say that beach access to Cloudy Corner along Cloudy Bay is now repaired.