Blog from March, 2022

Forgot my shoes at Blackwood Rocks last Saturday 19 March at Blackwood Rocks at McGifford's Edge (right under Aperitif) if anyone has found them please please let me know. 

Shoes found!

Hi all

I found a watch at lassies wall on Sunday. If it is yours let us know and 

I can post it to you or I can drop it off at the gym.

thanks Garry

TheSarvo appears to be lacking in a guide for (Northern) Badgers beyond a mere mention in Other Northern Crags. TheCrag has a list of climbs in the area but a bit short on detailed beta for which crag is which.

I don't have access to my copy of Climb Northern Tas so I don't know what's in there or how up-to-date that is.


Anyone on here with the goss for the area and happy for me to pick their brains?? GPS coords of which wall is where from mostly.




Hi all, it's with great sadness that I have to say I seem to have lost a rope on the pipes. Annoyingly it's hard for me to pin down where and when. Likely in the last 3 weeks and around heat is most likely or perhaps the pinnacle Road car park.

Keen to know if one has been found. Black singing rock rope bag - simple back pack style and a 60m bicolour TC pro rope, green.

Hopefully a resolution to the mystery is to be found.

Safe climbing!