Hi team, would anyone have objections to me replacing the tat at the top of third bird with rap anchors? Someone may have already done it, thought I'd put it on my to do list this season 

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  1. Good idea Tim, supported by me.

  2. Tidying up the layers of threaded tat is a great move… It’s been visual distracting for a long time. 

  3. Go for it.

    I think a double bolted anchor going to a single ring would be the go.  Similar to what is on top of Flange Buttress and Chasm Wall.

    It should pull easier and kink the ropes less.

    Why we are on this subject It would like to replace the anchors on Remembrance.  They are not climbing rated strength.  

    These twist shackles should no longer be used on the pipes or any where else in Tassie.

    1. I’ve been meaning to do it (remberance), and first belay of schizophrenia, but haven’t got up there. I have some fixe rings for the purpose if you want to grab them. 

  4. Great idea.  Was going to look into this this season.  Last time I was up there we had a look at where to put them, might need a little bit of thought as the obvious spot off to the right tends to run the pull over some loose crap which could cause rope jams / rock fall hazard.

  5. Let’s do it! Did Third Bird on the weekend and understand the context to this now. Read an article recently of some climbers in California rapping off some tat and it breaking which was fatal. Set of anchors or a chain around the existing spot would be awesome to reduce the amount of crap piling up there and make it a bit safer(smile)