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we are going to Flinders in December, and I noticed the guide here has lots of routes only listed with name and grade.  Is there any other guide or source to info about where all those routes go?  Looking for moderates to climb with family.  Thanks.

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  1. Climb Northern Tasmania has lots of the older stuff. If you don't have a guide, you're welcome to borrow mine.

  2. Hi John, the full guide is in Climb Northern Tas. We have just spent two weeks there...and you will struggle to find moderates for family. My guidebook was a reproduction of Steve Craddocks handwritten guide, with his permission. Many of the routes were unverified in quality and route description. We found the old school routes sandbagged by a grade or two, and many moderate routes have been reclaimed by nature and are full of scrub...and the tracks to them (Far eastern gully for instance), have disappeared and are wall to wall scrub. Camp at the Docks, take your swimming gear, face mask and snorkel, fishing rod..and have some idyllic camping time...and just walk under the cliff with the guidebook and climb what takes your fancy...bring heaps of tat to rap off bollards as the descent gully is an epic to get to. But the harder routes...20+..there are many superb routes on offer.

  3. Thanks for responses.  We will bring some climb gear. Maybe look for some bouldering  too.