Blog from October, 2019

Hi everyone!

We are comming to Tasmania in December and are trying to organize a crash pad that joins us on our little 3-week road trip. We would love to buy a pad from second-hand or rent it for 2-3 weeks if somebody here doesn't need hers/his in December (smile)

If you have any information about where else we could be lucky we would also be very grateful!

Have a wonderful day. Best wishes from Germany,

Iva and Felix

Flinders question

we are going to Flinders in December, and I noticed the guide here has lots of routes only listed with name and grade.  Is there any other guide or source to info about where all those routes go?  Looking for moderates to climb with family.  Thanks.

I'm sailing to Deal Island in December, might spend a week there.
Does anyone know anything about climbing routes on Deal Island? 
Cheers, Tom