Blog from September, 2019

With Peregine falcons nesting at the Far East Area please don't climb climb any further left of Panopticon Central area. Should be ok up to Side Show Alley but no further. Keep clear of Terrace Wall. We will update when all is ok post fledging. Thanks

The Ragged Jack road is closed shortly after its turn-off from the Ben Lomond Road, due to a washed-out bridge. This fine crag has the best one-pitch crack climbs in Tassie, so this access problem is a pain. Alternative access is pretty easy though. From Launceston head out via Evandale to the small village of Nile. Then take the C420 Deddington Road for about 16km and there is a turn-off to the right on the English Town Road. Approximately 12km along this road takes you to the start of the 4WD track underneath Ragged jack. Walking time is about an hour. The cracks are always a bit dirty due to lack of traffic and water run-off. A quick wire brush and they become perfectly ok, absolute splitters. See Memory of a Journey available from for the full guide. 

CCT AGM 10-9-2019

The Annual General Meeting for the CCT will be held on Tues 10th September, 7pm, @ The Republic (upstairs).

AGM Agenda

1. Welcome

2. Presidents Report 

3. Treasurers Report and acceptance.

4. Election of committee positions

 *   President
 *   Vice-President & Public Officer
 *   Secretary
 *   Treasurer

 *   Committee members

6. Other business

  • Review of Aboriginal Heritage Act. The act is under a review process at the moment, and submissions are due 21 Sep
  • Update of the CCT climbers code of conduct 
  • Sisters Beach issues as raised by C. Arvier
  • Update on the Cable Car development application and our representation