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An invite to join the Climbers Affinity Group

of Extinction Rebellion Tasmania

We are all aware of the dangers facing the planet from global heating. The best science is warning us we are rapidly approaching tipping points and of the urgent need to drastically reduce CO2 emissions.

 You have also probably heard of Extinction Rebellion (XR), which uses nonviolent, high publicity events in the UK, Australia and around the world to nudge governments into action.

 XR is not affiliated to any political party or to any environmental movement – we just care deeply for our planet and are concerned at the complete lack of government response to this existential threat.

 Our main aims are really very simple:

  • Governments, tell us the truth about the current situation, and
  • Create forums for the wider community to be involved in policy and decision making.
  • Enact legislation urgently to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025.

 The “Climbers Affinity Group” of XR is made up of Tasmanian climbers looking to carry out similar very visible but non-violent actions to raise public awareness. Our very first action was a banner on the southern outlet last week.

 Our next one will be at the Parliament House lawn at midday Thursday, 8 of August when our declaration of intent will be delivered very publicly to our State Parliamentarians.

 Come and join us then or, even better, join our group! We are looking for more members from around the State. We  urge you to sign up here.

Need more info? Either call or email: 

Jim Duff   0427468899

Need more convincing? Here is a video from one of the founders of XR in the UK


Tony McKenny



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