National Parks, Wellington Park, and some other climbing areas closed until further notice
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From a Parks facebook post:

Facilities and walking tracks at Remarkable Cave to be upgraded

The Remarkable Cave site in the Tasman National Park will get a complete facelift, with new elevated pedestrian walkways to be installed, improvements made to vehicle parking and rehabilitation of the escarpment to protect the surrounding environment and improve sustainability.

Works will include an upgrade to 3.7km of walking track at Remarkable Cave, Crescent Bay and Mt Brown. Crescent Bay is a hidden gem on the Peninsula and this new track will make it more accessible, with Mt Brown as an exciting side trip.

The Remarkable Cave site and the track from Remarkable Cave to Crescent Bay and Mt Brown is expected to be closed from 1 May – 1 October 2019 to ensure public safety during construction. Work has been timed to avoid the peak visitor period.

These upgrades will allow visitors to enjoy better facilities and improved short and part-day walks to spectacular coastal locations in the area, while better protecting the environment as visitor numbers increase.

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