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Hello again ! The Candlestick thing is on again. Basil and dildo made the 2nd ascent of the North Face on June 8 1976. Good luck

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  1. The Candlestick History

    C.A. Rathbone ?  Ditto?!   Are you sure that date is correct  June 8 1976 for your epic grappling hook ascent?  Basil thinks maybe it was June but told me 1985 last year when I asked him. He is checking it out. 1985 sounds rather late to me.

    I am also not sure now whether 1977, which is what we have on thesarvo, was the correct year for the ABC climb ( 1st N.Face climb by Les, Men and Glen). Maybe the film was released in 1977. The climb 1975?

    Anyone else know?

    Phil Robinson

  2. It was 8th June 1977. That's definite. The ABC thing was probably 1976. Cheers Dildo

    1. The Candlestick.    Mmm?  Now you have me beat. I have just found out from Mendelt and the Hocking establishment that the ABC film route was 1975. 

      So your route is 8 June 1976 as first said or now 8 June 1977?

      Bas said he would have a look at his slides, if he can find them from eons past!


  3. Yes, it was June 1977.   I have just seen it in a 1977 CCT circular.