Blog from March, 2019

Missing Rope at Mt Hobbs

A couple of ropes have gone missing from under cracked boulder at Mt Hobbs. 


Can they be returned (or tell me where they are humphriesdj at gmail dot com)?

Hi, I come in peace  !

I too have a box of slides Kodachrome64 of the Basil and Dildo micro-epic June 6 - 8 1977.

It would be nice to bequeath these to archive. Oh, and the Chasm Wall stuff, photos, slides, diary notes, Peter Jackson B&W photo (real good) with the Original Route marked (vital route guide !)

Would like assist in providing further info from my archive and other ideas.

Hello again ! The Candlestick thing is on again. Basil and dildo made the 2nd ascent of the North Face on June 8 1976. Good luck