On Sunday February 24th between 4.30-7pm, my partner’s vehicle was broken into and stolen while we were parked at the climber’s carpark. It was found torched and abandoned in a nearby cemetery. Apparently this kind of theft has been rare in recent years, but it wouldn’t hurt to be extra vigilant with your valuables up there (or anywhere, really.)

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  1. Bugger. Havent heard of that for a little while. What sort of vehicle was it that was stolen? 

  2. Sadly that is the situation on the mountain. A fixed hidden camera at the climbers car park might do the trick. Law enforcement on the mountain is ropey at best. I observed many strange things on the mountain, especially after sunset. The whole place is unstaffed after 4.30 pm and most workers are not Authorized Officers. Best handed to Tasmania Police ! Dildo