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ADVENTURES AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD - the epic story of Tasmanian Rockclimbing

An exciting new book will be ready for print by the middle of the year - a history of Tassie climbing. Coffee table size and a monstrous 500 pages, it is jam packed with over 600 photos and epic stories of first ascents and adventures of pioneer climbers over the decades. From the first rock climb in 1914 to the present day, each decade has a history section, adventure segment with stories authored by the first ascensionists, and a culture section with interviews of key climbers.

Simon Bischoff has contributed his portfolio of outstanding modern action shots and landscape images, making this an inspiring celebration of Tassie's climbing history.

If you are psyched to see this book go to print, Simon and I would be grateful for your financial support in a crowd fund appeal which will happen in a few months time.



Thanks so much. Gerry Narkowicz

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