Blog from February, 2019

Theft at Mount Wellington

On Sunday February 24th between 4.30-7pm, my partner’s vehicle was broken into and stolen while we were parked at the climber’s carpark. It was found torched and abandoned in a nearby cemetery. Apparently this kind of theft has been rare in recent years, but it wouldn’t hurt to be extra vigilant with your valuables up there (or anywhere, really.)

ADVENTURES AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD - the epic story of Tasmanian Rockclimbing

An exciting new book will be ready for print by the middle of the year - a history of Tassie climbing. Coffee table size and a monstrous 500 pages, it is jam packed with over 600 photos and epic stories of first ascents and adventures of pioneer climbers over the decades. From the first rock climb in 1914 to the present day, each decade has a history section, adventure segment with stories authored by the first ascensionists, and a culture section with interviews of key climbers.

Simon Bischoff has contributed his portfolio of outstanding modern action shots and landscape images, making this an inspiring celebration of Tassie's climbing history.

If you are psyched to see this book go to print, Simon and I would be grateful for your financial support in a crowd fund appeal which will happen in a few months time.



Thanks so much. Gerry Narkowicz

Lost gear- Mt Wellington

Lost a rope tarp on Sunday the 4th February near Pegagsus on the Northern Wall. Contact 0457595754. Cheers

Hillwood Closed

Hillwood has been shut by the landowner due to climbers disrespecting the landowner's wishes. He placed a sign up last week closing access due to the total fire ban, which was fair enough. When the sign disappeared a few days later, it was assumed that the cliff was open again and that the farmer had removed it. It was in fact some other persons who removed it, either climbers or bogans we don't know. Either way, it was the straw that broke the camel's back for him. He is sick of climber's sense of entitelment to the place, where he gets nothing in return, no thanks or a bottle of wine every now and then as a token of appreciation, people going in with a chainsaw to clear tracks without his permission, people running commercial climbing groups without his permission and making financial gain off his land, and he is also very stressed about legal liability.

This is non-negotiable on his part for the time being, at least until easter.  I have arranged to meet him after Easter to review the situation, so please don't anyone else contact him..he is seriously pissed. But until then, its trespassers prosecuted at Hillwood.

New Boulders on Kunanyi

Hey everyone,

I did a couple new problems on the summit yesterday. I've written them all up. If any of them were already climbed, but unrecorded - please let me know the name and year so I can update.