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Hi everybody,

just moved to Hobart and started a PhD after being a short while around here last year. Looking for motivated climbing partners in Sport and Trad. I'm climbing low to mid 20s at the moment. Really love to see new stuff and go exploring as far as my schedule permits me. Don't mind a short Fruehauf session in the evening as well.

Love to hear from you: jeroen5446 at or 0490209215

Cheers, Jeroen

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  1. Jeroen Jansen AUTHOR

    Well I though it'd be easier finding people to climb with....

    I extend my search criteria: I don't mind climbing with unmotivated people as well (big grin)

    Maybe that'll do the trick. As long as I get to climb sometimes, hehe

    Cheers, Jeroen

    1. have you joined the uni climbing club?

      1. Jeroen Jansen AUTHOR

        Had that in mind. But no Facebook-Account to sign up. Call me oldschool but not keen on having one after avoiding it all those years. Until now in my life email and phone number used to be sufficient to meet climbers. Seems like it's different here...

  2. Perhaps offering food or beverage inducements might increase traction. Alternately lurk at Freuhof on sunny week nights, go to the gym when rainy 

  3. Hi Jeroen,

    Are you still looking for someone to climb with? I am in Hobart until 29/12 and am looking for a partner to hit up the area and surrounds.