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The thesarvo app is now available for Android here:


It's got basically the same functionality as the iPhone / iPad one:

  • Offline copies of all the guides (climbing & bouldering)
  • Search
  • Topos
  • Maps


It's free in the Play Store for the time being as it's in beta.

It runs on Android 4.0+, which should be all recent decent Samsung, HTC & Google phones.


It's been written by Karl Malakoff based off a proof of concept I did earlier in the year. Karl's done a great job of running with my half arsed job, providing some needed motivation and time, and turning it into something releasable.

We are keen to hear feedback on bugs and improvements, add them here in the comments or log them on github here:  

And if you're looking for the ipad / iphone version, thats here: thesarvo iPhone App Now Available



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  1. Jon Nermut AUTHOR

    The thesarvo Android app has had its first update in a long time. 

    I've rewritten chunks of it to make it easier to work on and update, and it now syncs updates from

    It could really do with the same table of contents that the iOS app has, but I'm not planning on spending any more time on it this year. If anyone can code Android and wants to help, contact me.

    What's new:

    * Content update

    * The app now automatically updates content from

    * Improved list UI

     It's pretty hard to cover all the different android devices and versions, so it may crash. Let me know if you find any bad bugs.

    Get it in the Google Play Store, it may take an hour or two to be there:

    Note its a pretty large app, 350mb, so you want to be on wifi.