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hey guys,

my friend Thomas accidently left 2 cams (0.75 camalot and 1? wild country friend) at the top of Second Coming 25 at the Ampethetre ledge.


couple of guys repeated this later in the afternoon, one sounded french. I was on the top of skyrocket.....and friendly words exchanged but i forgot to go down and get them. if anyone knows these guys it would be great if they can get in contact with me. I am staying at CJs or my no. is 040285567





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  1. Zach tried to call you, but your number only has 9 digits

  2. try a 4 on the end!

  3. Well, CJ has them now so who knows in which kind of dirty crack they will finish !

  4. probably your moms. and since the last crack they were placed in was second coming, it will be a dirty crack indeed. HOA HOA Pass the blue cheese... Thisa one smells very ripea!