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Garry has found there has been a major rock fall at the back of the Chasm, right on the abseil line. A block the size of a large refrigerator plus smaller stuff. He reckons the whole back of the chasm may be unstable and is warning everyone to stay clear till it is looked at. Spread the word if you can for climbers to be extra careful and to inspect the area  from below to assess the situation before committing to an abseil down from Northern Buttress.

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  1. Unfortunately Garry ran out of time/light to have a look. Be great if anyone can get some photos or have a look.I might try and get up there soon.

    I would suggest an abseil inspection needs to happen, as you probably wont be able to see from the ground. Coming from above means gravity's on your side, and you can knock off any loose bits, (even though it is technically illegal (wink)) Just make sure no-one is down in there, and you don't knock holds off my project!