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For those interested in climbing at the Mersey cliffs, there has been a couple changes to accessing the cliff recently. The previous 'nondescript' start where one wandered down from the lookout to gain the track was becoming fairly 'descript' with the continued traffic, and concerns have been raised about curious hikers getting into positions they shouldn't. As such, all traces of an access track leading down from the lookout have been removed, and it would better if it remained thus. The new access track for climbers starts about 50m back up the trail, about 12m past the 'Bush Tucka' sign on the right if coming in from the parking lot. This may get moved even further back along the track in future depending on how things develops, so check the guide posted on this sight to make sure you know where the trail starts. I understand  this isn't really the season for this crag, but still thought it worth mentioning just in case. Also, it is suggested to use restraint concerning any new route development at this current time until a few things get sorted out with the Parks. Thanks

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