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Hey guys,

Whats the go with canyoning in Tasmania? Are there any guides or online websites around that anyone knows of?



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  1. Good question Shaun. The only thing I know about canyoning in Tassie is that these guys run commercial trips through Dove Canyon.



  2. Shaun Nielsen AUTHOR

    Yeh that seems to be the only thing that comes up when searching for canyons in Tasmania. I'm not paying $200 for something I have the ability and equipment to do myself.

    Would it be ok for someone like us to simply go to Dove Canyon and through it ourselves?

    Looks like something to endeavour upon in the short times I visit my dad down there. Maybe start a new link on this website!

  3. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to do it yourself. Just because someone is licensed to guide the canyon shouldn't mean it's off limits to others with the skill (e.g. doing the Franklin). But maybe (???) check with National Parks first before you bring all your gear to Tassie and Cradle only to find out if there are signs up prohibiting entry into the canyon. I haven't been along the canyon rim since they have done the work  on the track along the edge, so I'm not sure what is there now. 

  4. Hi there

    The Dove Canyon can be done privately, though you shouldn't go in without knowledge of how to overcome the obstacles, especially at high water - its a whitewater canyon, not a dry canyon. Without extensive experience in swiftwater and knowledge of the specific dangerous spots in the canyon, you shouldn't be in there. There have only been a handful of private trips through the canyon and a couple have been lucky to make it through unscathed. A classic example of this was documented on an Olympus Tough camera that two 'experienced' canyoners dropped while negotiating one crux move of the canyon. The camera was found a year after the trip took place and the photos and video were both still fine despite being underwater for a year (a good advertisement for Olympus, but thats all). The level was too high, the gear they were wearing was insufficient for the environment and they were well out of control. It would have been VERY interesting to see how one of the features downstream was negotiated at that water level.

    By all means, do a private trip in there, but be aware that several of the features are death traps and you should seek advice from guides who have worked in there at high water and have monitored the water levels very closely if there has been ANY rain in the area. The Youtube video on Cradle Mountain Canyons' website shouldn't be used as a guide as people have obviously done in the past. All of the footage on it is taken at low water. Its a classic example of a private group doing the Franklin and coming unstuck. There are rescues every year down there. I'd suggest either going with commercial companies or find guides who have worked in there at high water - both the Dove and Franklin

    These are both spectacular trips, but be aware there are several risks associated without knowledge of the rivers, especially at high water. Safe and happy canyoning out there (smile)

    1. hey tim is there any other decent canyoning in Tas besides Dove? Happy to put up a page on this site with a link to dove canyoning if there is any more info to be had

  5. There are a few around, though its a case of asking those who have been down them - in most cases very few. Canyoning is a relatively new sport in Tassie and there are no guides as far as I know. I've been down a handful, but I'm sure there are many out there to be explored. 

    1. Shaun Nielsen AUTHOR

      Thanks for the in-depth info Tim.
      I received information from National Parks which was along the line of 'you have access to Dove Canyon, please avoid the commercial groups and remember park fees'
      I received information from Anthony@Cradlemountaincanyons who commented on the young nature of canyoning in Tasmania hence the lack of printed guides. He suggested that if i were to want to look for canyons it would involve some serious searching/exploratory missions.

      The canyons i'm used too here in Sydney are wet canyons, but they are not white water canyons (i'm thinking white water rafting here, in terms of ferocity??). Sure some of them could get serious after rain but its been pretty dry and hot lately.

      Any ideas of where to look for these canyons, Tim? I'm keen on some exploring when I next visit my Dad in Devonport. I would like to get some topos, but I need some direction.

  6. Hi Shaun

    Sorry not to have gotten back to you about the above post, but I don't really check these things unless someone has directed me to a particular comment. Its a mission to discover canyons among Tassie's rain forest, so if you are only down for a day or two I would suggest trying to find something that drops from the central plateau down to any given river. I've kayaked a couple of rivers that drop of the central plateau which would be good for canyoning missions. You'd have to study 1:25000 topos to find something with a decent gradient and then just go and have a look. Something that starts in an alpine area/cleared land would be a lot easier for access, egress and scouting. There are a few rivers in the north east that have several large waterfalls on them, though I haven't had time to get over that way. Puzzler Gorge is supposed to be a great day out. I think its near Scottsdale? Also there is a section of the St Paul's river that would be good to check out. I've only seen photos, but it looked like a good mission. Good luck with your missions and let me know how you go if you get out and find something interesting. If you want to contact me again, best to do so by email at



  7. Shaun Nielsen AUTHOR

    Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote this, and I'm currently thinking about new adventures which brings me back here.

    Anyone done any exploring?

    I haven't been to Tassy since I wrote this :o( But I have been getting experience in the Blue Mountains (Sydney) with many adventures (almost every weekend!). Hopefully, I can get out an explore Tassy soon