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A question for Jake.... I know you are out there somewhere.... I saw your slack line in situ across rock away gully a week or two back.........

In regards to Freedom.... I am under the impression that it is located between Icarus and Bismark..... In the L to R re-edit of the guide is has been listed (incorrectly) to the R of Incision.... Can you advise please?

BTW, how was the slack lining?

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  1. Don't know about Freedom but highline was put up by Alex Lewis this time not Jake (smile)

  2. Al Adams AUTHOR

    Cheers Jed.... anyone who can confirm my hunch or otherwise on the correct location of Freedom....  please sing out

  3. Should be able to figure it out from this photo (smile)

    Jake Bresnehan on his Feedom (30), Mount Wellington, Tasmania

  4. Al Adams AUTHOR

    Yes it is to left of Bismark.  Thanks for the photo Jed.... we have it sorted!