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A Sony Xperia was found on top of Bare Rock after a party completed Orange of Bisso a few days ago. PM me if the phone is yours and I will post it back to you. The same party also handed me a bolt and hanger which was pulled out by hand on the upper part of the route. I will check out exactly where (and maybe how) when things cool off a little.

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  1. bolt pulling out by hand is a bit uncool. if you come to any conclusions on it could be useful for bolting guidelines that the CCT is working on

  2. ill take a stab that it was a dynabolt? what can happen is the nut loosens allowing for movement of the bolt within the sleeve, allowing it to jiggle out slightly. Once its out only a fraction, its very easy for the hanger to cam and grab the sleeve and the whole unit will slide right on out. This is what happened on one bolt on the lower off on After Midnight. I would feel comfortable that after pushing it back in and doing it up finger tight it is secure enough to climb past. Seems the best option when your strung out on lead!

    Again this is just one reason I would prefer to install glue-in anchors for most bolts, but it is definitely not a reason to not install them! People should be checking fixed anchors before use, please don't blindly assume every bolt is bomber!