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The rock around the right ring bolt at the end of pitch one on Blue Meridian sounds decidedly hollow (I'm pretty sure it wasn't like that previously). Maybe there's been some exfoliation action over winter. The bolt feels secure and the L ring appears unaffected. Can anyone shed light on this? In the meantime take care - there is bomber gear if you wish to back up the anchor.

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  1. This issue was raised a few seasons ago and I went to have a look. At that stage i thought they were fine. I have drilled bolts previously and found that sometimes there's a thin, hollow-sounding veneer of rock with solid stuff behind. The bolts are then long enough to be anchored into the solid rock. It's a bit of an assumption that this is the case however, so make your own judgement, but mine would be that they're ok.

    I'll try to get up there at some stage with a load cell and test them as I would Industrial anchors and that way know for sure if they are solid or not!

    Happy climbing

    1. Mark Savage AUTHOR

      Cheers for the input Simon (I obviously didn't notice last time I was there!) - that all seems to make sense. I assumed the bolt was deep enough to be in solid rock. Let me know if you want someone to haul the load cell up the hill with you...