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Anyone know a source for kids climbing shoes, perhaps a second hand pair, or a recommendation for a Australian mail order company or store that sells a good line of climbing gear?

Last time I checked the local shops didn't appear to stock kids sizes...


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  1. What sizes are you looking for? I have some old shoes fairly worn I take a 36 in Muria's I am happy for you to try them out. Also I have a friend who has a couple of boys who climb he might have some spares they have grown out of. I could contact him for you if you give me a rough idea what sizes you were looking for.



    1. Thanks Jon!

      Anna, my boy would need size 32, 33 or possibly 34 (with some newspaper in the toes, perhaps).  36 would definitely be too big, but please let me know about the grown out spares.  Thanks!!

  2. Hey John, 

    My partner, Leanne, has some pretty small feet and over the years she's ended up with a few pairs that even she can't fit into: A pair of 5.10 Anasazi Lace-ups and Mad Rock Demons (older version).  Both are men's shoes, size 35.5 and 37 respectively, but she normally wears 35-36 and she can't get into these (I think they were tagged wrong). The total length of the soles are 210mm for both pairs if that helps. 50 bucks and both pairs are yours. If they don't fit your son now, they will soon enough! You can see them in the last image of this previous post: